Videoing Vulnerability

For this years work i want to explore the idea of venerability and they way that it is empowering for the person and has a strong impact on other people.

Liking in the ideas of making other people vulnerable and the vulnerability of the body.

As a starting point i am going to take the ideas of Lili Reynaud-Dewar of the physical vulnerability of a woman. And art work that involes perforemcne and video to comunicate these ideas.

I also want to look at the idea of pushing bodies such as physical uncomfortability in terms of other peoples reactions and the performer. Looking at dancing and making videos of myself dancing (being vulnerable on a small level) that could possibly be shown to other people. The vulnerability of something kind privet being public.

Looking at vulnerability and the power that comes from making you self vulnerable I recorded videos where myself and another person stretched an elastic band between our fists until it broke. Making myself vulnerable to the other person.


 From looking at all the different artist and the different ways they explore making themselves vulnerable I realised for myself to recreate this I would have to do it in a much safer and tamer way but while still keeping the tension and small element of risk. Therefore I drawing on previous research work I came to the conclusion of using elastic bands as they stretch and create ‘tension’ not only physical but they cause people to anticipate what is going to come and cower away from it. They also create pain when broken and snapped into someone, but this is minor and is easily recovered from.

Even though the videos are the art I think there is some beauty in the swelling of my fingers after some of the videos.

IMG_8635 IMG_8637



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