Making Yourself Venerable At The Hands Of Others

I have also been looking at different artists that make them selfs venerable at the hands of strangers, where they have little or no control over the art piece and the actions of others. (revisiting some artists from last year)

Yoko Ono – Cut piece


Cut piece explores the role the female body has played in art throughout the ages. In this performance Ono sat on a stage and invited the audience to approach her and cut away her clothing, so gradually the cloths where removed from her body. Challenging the relationship between viewer and art object and vulnerability and power. Ono presented a situation in which the viewer was involved in the potentially aggressive act of unveiling the female body,

“Cut Piece also demonstrates how viewing without responsibility has the potential to harm or even destroy the object of perception.”

Sophie Calle – Sleeping Strangers


During the days where she was stalking diffrent people she also started to ask friends and strangers to sleep in her bed for eight hours. She never classed this as an art piece until she was questions by a critic so after that what she went on  to create was The Sleepers a collection of text and photographs. The idea of letting someone yo

u dont know into your own private space and also to drop all emotional boundaries is less physical vunralbility then the others but a lot more emotional open and raw.

Marnia Ambromavic – Rhythm 0/ The Artist is present

20130220-225305 Marina Abramovich-3587

During her piece The Artist Is Present visitors to the museum were invited to sit in a chair facing her and stare into Ambromavic’s eyes during which she never moved or spoke through out the entire day 6 days a week for a total of 700 hours. In this piece she is making herself emotionally vulnerable to the audience and other participants resulting in many people crying at the level of intensity and emotional openness.

Rhythm 0 she assigned a passive role to herself, with the public being the force which would act on her. Abramović placed on a table 72 objects that people were allowed to use them against her in any way that they chose. Making herself vulnerable to other peoples actions and showing how this can represent power through the effect it had in performance art.

I am defiantly going to look at the idea of using objects against myself and other people in this way but also combine the idea of both participants being equal. So with the elastic band it is a equally waited out come if someone get hurt and both people are putting themselves into the vulnerable position and gaining power out of staying in the situation Until the band breaks.


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