Elastic Bands, Tension And The Link to Venerability

While browsing for artist in the book ‘Art and Feminism’ I came across a image by the artist Lygia Clark called Esturas Vivas where she got a large group of people and connected there feet and hands together with a web of connected elastic bands. Although I am not keen on her work I do like the idea of the elastic bands and the idea of the tension that they create and the position you can put yourself and others in when you stretch them to there breaking point.


This also reminded me of Marina Abramovic and Ulay’s Rest Energy (1980) where they both artist lean away from each other with a bow and arrow strung between them held in place by both artist counter forces. The tension in the bow and arrow and in the physical danger, trust and venerability in the piece is unbelievably powerful.

“is an enactment of the extreme levels of trust and vulnerability inherent in any deep relationship.”


I want to look at this idea of pushing limits with the tension in the elastic bands by videoing myself and other willing participants to stretch elastic bands between us until someones nerves fail them and the let go or the elastic band breaks. This is making the participant and myself venerable to each others actions. I would also like to explore the reaction other people would have towards us doing this.


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