Ann Liv Young

Ann Liv Young is a performance artist that uses really delicate subject material (often remakes of fairy tails) but performs her pieces in a provocative and loud way which creates interaction and provokes the audience into changing the way they see dance and performance. Some of her work is really visually stunning and obviously thought provoking but some of her other work seems in poor taste and a bit slap stick but that is also what has grabbed my attention about her work.

‘Young’s text is explicitly sexual, emotional and blunt, but it is always delivered in a manner that is not.’

‘Her style of audience interaction has been compared to the US government torturing prisoners at Guantánamo bay and a Viennese police report describes her as conducting “forced” interviews.’

I think what I have learnt most from looking at her work is that during her performances she donst seem to care how she comes across to other people (she adopts a different personality named Sherry) but she also isn’t starting out to have a massive effect on the audience (she isn’t trying to be shoking or controversial she is just doing what she HAS to do for that particular art piece) And I think this is what effects the audiace the most and provokes such massive reactions.

‘I don’t think I make things to make anyone uncomfortable. I pose questions that I want answered.’ – Ann Liv Young


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