Lili Reynaud-Dewar – My Epidemic

‘Is there really a thing such as a private space today?’

For our second year work we where asked to take a pieces of art work that is currently or has been in a gallery or museum and then over the next few weeks create art work based on there work and slowly develop the art into something that is entirely our own. I was in a good position as I was able to go to the venice biennale and was completely emersed in an intense art experiace for three days which really chaned my way of viewing and responding to art work, as well as giving me first hand experiace of the art work I would be later working from.



Choosing Lili Reynaud-Dewar’s work was an easy choice as I could very easily understand her work and relate to it, but I also saw the potential in the work for me to develop on and sway it towards my own work. (This is only one small part or a massive long running collection of work under the same name)

My epidemic consists of lots of different aspects and parts sometimes consisting of dance/ performance, installation, sound, sculpture and text all exploring the idea of sex, freedom, prophylaxis, responsibility and venerability. More specifically on the subject of AIDS and the act of putting yourself at risk by not protecting yourself. Her work explores all different ideas of venerability and how it is empowering to be venerable at your own hands.


‘I am trying to make myself more vulnerable, to reach a more fragile position.’ Lili Reynaud-Dewar on dancing in her work.


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