Summer Research

Work created by Jorien Kemerink part of the amsterdam design studio KNOL Ontwerp uses direct casts of bulidings out of letex then hangs the sheets to then form ghostly recreations of spaces.

dezeen_Skinned-by-KNOL-Ontwerp_ss_1  dezeen_Skinned-by-KNOL-Ontwerp_ss_4

(The material creates a translucent copy of the architectural details but also captures some of the dirt. “The history of use is caught in the cast,” says Kemerink. “Like skin transplantations, they can be taken to other spaces where they get new spatial meaning.”)


She explains. “The latex provides you with a way to ‘sal’ all the dirt and put a clean layer on top, making the place instantly useable.” “This project looks at the emotional connection that people have with a space,”


Relating this back to my work I see her idea of sealing the dirt in but also past events, memories and lives. The environment we grow up in and live in grow into us and become part of us. I.e. people that live in heavily polluted places have poor health bodies because the dirt and toxins that they lived with became part of them?

The translucency of the latex also helps with the idea of it being more of a emotional and memory based work compared to a physical preservation of the space. Its almost a solid physical things but not complete.


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