Setting Up The Degree Show

To help out the third years and also help ourselves prepare for our turn in two years time and also our up coming show we where paired with a third year based on similar interests and work styles. I was paired with Aron. at first I wondered what my tutors where thinking about my personality at first but when I saw his work and the way he whole heartedly threw himself into the work (at the risk of his mind) I knew why our tutors chose this pairing. Form working with him and talking to him about his work it has enthused me to really get into my work and relit that spark I had for putting a part of myself into everything I do. I now really want to go head first into my making and research to not only p[ass this year but make myself proud pf all the energy and emotion I have put into my work.

I just really don’t want to let myself down with rubbish work. I want everything I do to show so much skill and thought in it. I feel like I need to do so much more.


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