Latenight Research – Girl Model

To be honest I came across this by complete accident. I was watching a documentary on very young models in Russia and came across a quote from the main figure in the documentary (a model scout for japan) In which she talks about the Japanese market for models and how they are obsess with youth and its connection to beauty. She goes on to say that in this world of beauty “You can’t be young enough,” and “Youth is beautiful, there’s a luminosity in the skin” Which made me think about my work and how I came to my original statement of youthful skin being the definition of beauty.

I came across this by accident but I guess since I have been looking a lot in to the definitions of beauty it was in the back of my mind when I chose to watch this film and there for really connected to what was being said. Different scenes and quotes form the film fit very well with what I am trying to covey with some of my early ideas of the beauty of skin, and I guess its nice to have someone back up your statements.


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