Back To Subject – Marina Ambramovic

Since the Christmas break I have been doing lots of research from books looking into art that was used to shock or repulse, art that uses the body in different ways and art that had a performance aspect to it. I often found myself looking at Marina Abramovic’s work. The idea of manipulating my body in new and creative way to shock and repulse my audience was prompted by her work and the ways she adds almost theatrical elements to her work.

Looking back at my work and the relation it has to feminism also correlates to a lot of her work. The ugly side of feminism and the way that in empowers her in her work I would like to adopted into my own work and my ideas of skin and beauty. Her piece ‘Rhythm 0’ she speaks about the male influence on women lives by allowing her self to be subjected to random strangers using 72 objects on herself to inflict pain or sometimes pleasure. Through out this piece the men where the ones to do most of the actions where as the women where more likely to suggest that the men commit specific actions.

In my final pieces I want to bring across this idea of the removal of common everyday restrictions and values and show that not everything is always the same in regards to not just current but longstanding ideas of beauty and repulsion. I want my pieces to shock people and repulse them with the very thing that they love and admire.


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