Field presentation And Crit



This was our plan on what to say during our presentation. We planned on not doing as a proper formal presentation so we wouldn’t be having set lines to cards to read off as I didn’t think that it is a very nice way to show and talk about your work as it can be difficult to get across the emotion you have invested in the work. We just used this as a plan so we didn’t miss anything thing or one person speaking in the presentation.

We ended up hanging our blanket on a light stand and used two box lights, one behind to show the different materials used and give the piece a different viewing level and one in front for light up the details and the completing photographs.





We decided to have the images as a gird work at the side to compliant the main piece of work and also help draw your eye into the strict grid shape of the city.

11075312_10153202280182148_1732380516_n11077902_10153202280367148_1057393486_n11079142_10203338411495186_721935925_n  11079789_10153202280297148_1593766852_n


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