Photographing Our Work

To help show the contrast between the harshness of the city and the soft comfort of the blanket we photographed it around town. It also help show how our piece fits into the world and the city. We often got asked a lot of questions about our work and how we came to have made the piece and why we where photographing it in town.


10913708_977919535559421_1177120777_n  11016612_977919518892756_541796901_n




We are going to use these images as part of our presentation. They help bring across our concept of protection and softening the city, they also help bring more skills into our work and another angle to our overall final piece.

 11063392_977920405559334_1263470992_n  11072069_10153190101342148_425090074_n  11042637_977920422225999_256446330_n11077420_977920438892664_319203466_n

I also took some film images and developed them the following day. unfortunately some of the images where not very well deloped but we are still using some of them in our presentation.



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