Making The Quilt


We started by stitching some of the images we had previously worked into on to bits of fabric the we could then make into patches of blanket. We then progressed onto laying the different material squares on the floor to look at how it can be laid out and arranged to make the most visually pleasing and exciting arrangement.


As a team we had to manoeuvre the blanket together to help each other out with the sewing. This involved a lot of communication and corporation which I believe brought us a lot closer together as individual artists but also as one collaboration.


We decided to trip the edges of the blanket with canvas to neaten the edges and strengthen it. I also help with our concept of protection and shielding from the harsh rough world of the city.

11008988_10153184637522148_1335350264_n   11056808_10153184663662148_1180561728_n11063122_10153184430307148_59923960_n


We also added loops to the top of the blanket as we have been discussing way of which we will display it later on and it will make that process easier and possibly more dynamic when being presented.


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