City Speaks Research And Mid-way Feedback

After discussing with the group we decided on making a quilt/ blanket with the concept of protecting form the city. All of us are new to big cities and when moving to a big city it can be intimidating and we wanted to explore the ways that can help you understand the city, soften it for yourself and protect yourself from it. We looked at the idea of incorporating maps, images and thing found in the city that will all work together to realise our idea. Obviously it will not be physical soft in most places due to the materials we are using but it will still have the over all concept of softness and comfort.

Our research into this lead us to look at Lucy Orta’s refuge wear, where she create garments for the homeless that can also be used as shelters. This ties into the idea of protection form the city.

artwork_99_thumbnail_en image_367_thumbnail_en

We looked at artist that create yarn bombing like London Kaye O’Donnel. This work attempts to make the city softer and warmer.

street_art_yarn_crochet_1-comments yarnbombing2

In our mid-way feedback session with Chris and Philippa, we discussed ideas of navigation around the city and textiles and we where informed about silk maps that where used during WWII and how help soldiers in the war as they where not noisy like paper maps and also durable and strong.


Also during the review we went over how we would like to make it a patchwork blanket as this then could consist of all the different aspects and materials we want to incorporate into our collaborative piece. We then discussed the idea of children books as they are made of multiple materials and create textures and nieces like ours will hopefully do (we will be incorporating plastic bags and paper so it will be noisy in places) They are also informational like ours will be (maps and items you will find in the city that will help you slowly emerse yourself into the city)


We we also took our ‘sample’ into the review to show how we are approaching the idea of a quilt. The sample consists of photo transfers, photos (film and digital), maps and fabric pieces.


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