Constellation – Sonic Arts 3

In this session we started off by learning to listen actively and not passively. We learnt the active listening can trigger memory and past experiences as well as makes you focus on things that you wouldn’t normally hear. Active listening also allows you to look for relationships between notes and pieces and you can there hear miniature differences in sound art. This over all leads to the best over all experience.

One of the  artist we looked at this week was Yves Kline. He was a painter and a musician and combined some of his painting work with orchestral music pieces. One of his pieces done in his classic blue sceem was presented in a gallery where a orchestra played one note throughout the entire showing of the pieces. If you listen to the orchestra the note they are playing almost sounds like the color blue. Yves Kline uses sound art in this piece to add another layer to the paint and over all piece.

We also looked at Alvin Lucier and his piece ‘I’m Sitting In A Room’. In this Alvin Lucier records his self saying a paragraph about himself sitting in a room and then plays it back to the room. When it is being played back he records the play back and then plays the recording and rerecords it over and over again until at the end the only this you can here is the sound the room makes though the recording. In this piece Alvin Lucier uses the space in the room as his instrument and is ultimate playing space with his voice.

In this session we also looked at different ways sound music can and has been made. Such as Steve Reich’s Pendulum music 1968. where he uses feedback between microphones and amps to create sound art.

And the symphony of 100 metronomes

And the final one I want to look at is David Byrne’s ‘Playing the building’. Where he connects a series of machines to different parts of a building so that when you play keys on a piano so that when you play a key it acts like a switch and ‘plays the building’


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