Getting Started

To start out exploring textiles and how we can relate this to the city we decided to start sewing into our previous work to almost start softening the images and the idea of softening the city. This was a good starting point as we got to see a little bit of each others current city work and talk over our ideas for what we wanted to do for this point.

11016497_10203218609500211_1791262986_n 11056708_10203218609860220_1945132581_n 11042621_10203218609740217_1653719488_n 11026601_10203218609820219_2123730558_n

In the ones above we have sewn into my left over film images form my photography project and bellow we used other group members rubbing from around the city. From this we already stated to to incorporate this idea of textiles into different aspects of the city, sight, touch and texture.

11041365_10203218609580213_92983558_n11012239_10153158795717148_1174963459_n11016748_10153158795862148_1952322374_n   11039991_10153158795827148_1789626744_n 11023123_10153158795757148_85922351_n11040036_10203218609540212_1185874898_n 11040055_10153158795697148_1236538981_n 11040752_10153158795917148_539044980_n    11042089_10203218609620214_1910174207_n11047032_10153158795752148_342140187_n 11051388_10153158797817148_649915078_n


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