Multi Discipline Field Group Work

To start with we did many different tasks in different sized groups to determine which size would be the optimal. these consisted of small and large group instant installations. These weren’t really that inspiring but where only meant to lead us into our final groups.

11040225_976768159007892_592435044_n 11063038_976768349007873_63980999_n

When we had selected our groups we started to get to know each other in a small task to make a more thought out installation piece, possibly reflecting our ideas for our work or how we well work as a group and single units with in it. My group consisted of me doing fine art, tow illustrators and a texts student. While we where discussing our work, what we wanted to do and how we think we are going to do it we created a delicate structure to show at the end of the session.

10997053_10203200715412870_304117998_n 11020342_969589823059059_4806781_n

We believed this piece represented how we are all going to work well as a group to support each other and work towards our out come equally (shown from the central structure that is all work in harmony) But at the same time we are still very delicate and flimsy (shown by the sofa material that was very easily disturbed and broken) This is because we have never met before and there was a lot of unknown problems and difficulties that we could face in the future that could derail the project.

11026682_10203200715492872_837642068_n 11039570_969589863059055_229474515_n 11042119_10203200715372869_973951347_n

During this we also discussed that we would like to create a mostly texts based piece as three of us have no experience in textiles but a curiosity for the subject and materials. After this we planned to meet up and discuss what would could do to go with the city brief that we could incorporate textiles into.


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