Photography Project Crit

At the end of the Tuesday photography project we had a show are crit. For mine I chose to use the maximum amount of images we should show to help display and ‘show off’ the divers angles and skill I have developed and used throughout the workshops

I received good feedback as people where intrigued by my use of angels, contrast and composition through out my work and believed that the series work well together. I was told that I worked well with the brief and I agree that I worked hard to achieve a beautiful outcome.


I chose to go with my idea of the contrast between the harsh metal and glass against the soft cool sky.

My presentation was rushed and let my work down a lot as I only used messy tape that could be see. Although it creates a nice thinking point with the contrast of strong and straight lines of the architecture and the messy slapdash of the tape. If I was to this again I would spend a lot longer on my presentation to make something the would represent the quality and time I have put into the work.

IMG_20150528_0001 IMG_20150528_0002

IMG_20150528_0003 IMG_20150528_0004

IMG_20150528_0005 IMG_20150528_0006

The Scans of the film images do not show the photographs in there full glory, only because the scanner doesn’t show all the depth in the multi tones of black that I spent a lot of time creating in the dark room.

Using the two digital colour images really help you see the softness in the film images and bring a warm feeling to the collecting of images.

DSC_0707 DSC_0712


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