Group Work Presentation And Crit

Due to bad timing, planning and teamwork one of the pieces from our interrelation was missing. The video piece that I believed would tie all of the work together would not work through the projector leaving just Lauran’s and my piece.

Both our pieces didn’t work together, the seat up was messy and unprofessional and over all I am ashamed of the piece of work we all produced. It was due to our rubies team work and laziness that the piece didn’t work or come together.

Over all we wanted to show the route through the city that we all take often, also encompassing the buzz of moving to a new city and things we are not used to seeing as we are not from around here.


We where told in the crit that the work we produced was not a collaborative piece and I agree with this to a certain extent but with the video piece I think it could have worked as a collaborative piece, but I still no longer want to back this pics as it shows how badly we approached it and all our weekesses as a group.

image1-2 image3-3

It has taught me a lot about time management and group work which I hope will help me during my big Field collaboration. and Allow me to work with other people to produce a piece of work deserving of approval and my own personal pride.


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