Consterllation – Sonic Arts 1

(Note: Due to still not having support for my dyslexia I am struggling in lectures as I find it almost impossible to take notes down as I process and write information that is being given to us to slowly and miss most of what is being said. I am going to let my lecture know at the beginning of the next session but am finding that I will have to do a lot of personal research into sonic art because I have missed out on almost all of the details and important information we are being given.)

In this constellation group we will be covering the history, the theory, the techniques and technologies that are used for music/sound creations in art.

In our first lecture we where introduced into sound art and what it is and where given a brief outline of the history of it and the people that created it.

During this lecture we learnt about John Cage. John Cage is one of the most influential musicians with “new sound”. In 1937 John Cage created turntableism and he also wrote a book called ‘Silence’ and is was inspired by silence as a thing.

I personally feel that silence in contrast with sound can be a more powerful and would love to explore this more as a concept in my own work and in my constellation essay.

A french composer Pierre Schaeffer, was a main contributor to the creation of the genre musique concréte in electroacoustic music. He was the first composer who started to use multiple gramophones at once, looped tracks and mixing tapes together. He uses sounds from every day life, for example uses train sounds to create his peace so it is entirely created ‘naturally’ (not by his hang)

Another big influencer but on the other side of the scale is Stockhausen who creates sonic art where every sound is completely controlled and manipulated to perfection.


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