Tuesday Project – Photography City

This week we started our new Tuesday projects that will last for the next 5 weeks. I have chosen Chris’s Photography project that deals with looking at the city through photographs. I chose this group because I have always done lots of photography and this appealed to me because when I walk around the city with a ‘photography’ mind frame I notice some amazing, beautiful and sometimes ugly things about places and people that I would normally miss or ignore.

We have been told to start off our project by exploring the city taking a set route that will take us trough many different areas going from beautiful open areas to enclosed almost claustrophobic city streets, and from the old architecture of the arcades to the modern interpretation inside the shopping centers. During this walk we where asked to focus on certain moments that stuck out to us and created a reaction. I have decided to look at the arcades, firstly because I love them and that they can hold many different treasures, within the architecture but also within the shops and people they contain. And secondly the materials that where used to create them. I found that at times I could be transfixed by the way the very strong materials of the steel and glass that make up the ceilings of most of the arcades reacts with the views of the soft blue sky and clouds that can be seen trough it.

The idea of not just photographing for my own personal enjoyment but to then edit and manipulate my work to become a strong piece of work that I can then show is a very exciting prospect for the next 5 weeks.


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