Fine Art Collaboration Work

In the last 4 weeks of field we have to do a collaboration piece with other disciplines so to get us warmed up for this in our tutor groups we where divided into groups of 3 and given 2 weeks to create a piece of art work together.

I was put into a group with Lauren, who is looking at travel in the city and to uni via trains and buses and Harry. who is looking at the sounds in the city and taking recording. we decided that as a group our times we are available did not fit together very well so decided we would do an installation involving 3 different pieces of work done individually.

We have come up with our idea of travel and migration with in the city and how it all come together. The instillation we are going to make will involve Lauren making a collage of her collected train and bus tickets that will be viewed through a abstract aerial sketch that I will make and then make into a cut out piece. The the piece will all be brought together with Harry’s projection of collected videos and sounds of travel in the city that will be projected onto my piece and through it onto Lauren’s.

More elaboration on my own part of the instillation – My piece is going to be made with constant repetitive lines showing movement and constant travel throughout the city. It will be a brain like structure to look at and will represent the hive of the city and the people within it that have created the city.

Over all our piece will be the hive of the movement in the city and the different way to move and travel thought out the city (represented as you look into city (my piece) and see the methods of travel (my group members pieces)) This piece will only work if we all pull our weight in the group and work efficiently together.


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