Skin Dress

DSC_0651 DSC_0652

Developing from the large sheet of latex I made I have sewn the two smaller sides together to make a dress type construction with makes you think about what would be classed as ‘decently’ covered and what would be questionable on the body.

It pushes the feeling of unease and repulsion as it is now made to be worn next to the skin and touching the wearer.

I have used almost butcher like stitches to help tie into this organic and creepy sense I am working from.

DSC_0650 DSC_0653

The discoloration of the latex is a unwanted accident. As the latex is quite think over a week or so it has discolored form the pale yellowish original color to this orange/ red effect. Some people have said it makes the piece look for repulsive and life like but I think that it was better in its original state.

From this I am going to create a thinner piece to experiment with how it changes over time.



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