Latex Palm Pieces

While making my large piece of latex I used my hands to spread out the liquid on the floor and as a bi-product of this my hands where cover in a think layer of the material and rather then just washing this off and ignoring it I decided to photograph it and video it as it was removed from the surface of my skin.

IMG_6101 IMG_6102

This over all effect of the peeling is strang and repulsive, almost like a large callus being removed from the plam of my hand. I really liked the effect of this and the repulsion it created I think I am going to look more into this process of the remova of the skin through peeling and stretching.


In the end what I was left with what prints of all the indentations and lines of the palms of my hand. This gives the latex a more realistic and bodily look but also a more personal and individual look to the piece as it made of my own personal body characteristics.

I am quite fascinated by this recording of aspects of people that are unique to them.

IMG_6112 IMG_6110


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