Ideas of Skin Memory – Lucio Fontana

Exploring the idea that skin can hold memory I have been looking for ways to show this. And my no ways is this what I am looking for but one way I have come across is make making to represent past excrescences and memory.

20100205_fontana_concetto_attese Fontana from Tate

Lucio Fontana slashes canvases which results I a permanent image of a past action and moment/ experience. So from looking at his work I have created my own canvases but used latex instead of canvas.

IMG_6562IMG_6603  IMG_6602 IMG_6606 IMG_6605

Unfortunately the latex dose not react like canvas and I found the process of creating the mark making less expressive and unable to capture a single moment.

This is also not what I am wanting in terms of representing how skin memory so I will need to do more research on this.


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