Artist Reashurch – Davida Hewlett

Karla Black – Her work creates the feeling of hanging skin but she also uses nail polish and other body products as well as paint in the pieces.

From looking at her work I am inspired to make more pieces of latex but begin to add body products into them like lip gloss and moisturizer (as well as more disgusting things such as saliva and hair)

karla black 08[4] Tate-Watercolour-006


Ann Hamilton РIn some of her work she uses video and sound. In this piece she has stone marbles in her mouth and the sounds they create and the reaction the make with other people  strongly relate to the kind of sounds and effects that I want to make.

From looking at her work I am going to focus on sounds, especially the ones of the latex being removed form my body.

Vito Acconci – I am fascinated in the way that he is the artist of this piece of his work but his sink has also become the piece of work and the tool that made his skin into the piece of work is his own teeth.

This is also giving me ides of skin memory and how that fact skin can hold past experiences can be shown in a physical way.

17477-1367437251-4332410_orig big_397847_4131_1096


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