Individual Tutor – Devida Hewlett

Fran is looking at ideas of skin
The difficulty of working with ideas of memory/ intangible and ephemeral things.
How does one translate this physically into an art work?
When skin is detached it becomes different than on the skin
Alternatives to skin – bread dough etc
Look at large ‘Feminist Art ‘ Book – Phaidon
‘The Artist’s Body’ – Phaidon

think about working large scale – huge piece of skin

Look at artists:
Jenny Saville
Gabriel Orozco
Karla Black – Tate Channel – Tate Shorts
Meike Rottenberg
Spartacus Chetwynd / Spartacus Marvin Gaye
Anne Hamilton

BAD GIRLS– ICA exhibition
‘Bad Girls and Sick Boys’
Angry Women – book by Andrea Juno


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