Shai Langen


Shai Langen uses emulsified liquid latex and famented bread dough and stretches it over bodies.

screen shot 2014-05-17 at 233718


“These textures are both organic and synthetic, exploring the boundary between living matter and non-living matter,” said the Amsterdam-based designer. “Chimera plays with the concept where the organic is overgrown with the synthetic, where natural processes mutate the skin into fungi like textures.”

Where as his other work to do with natural dripped textures and forms I am manly interested in his work where the latex and dough is stretched over his head a torso creating a second skin type outcome.



I see the way it moves and stretches when the figure moves as either the internal working of the movements (muscles, tendons and joints) protruding through the skin or old skin being shed (like a snake) and the emerging of a new being.

But where it still holds its gross and disgusting presents even though we know it is part every day item (bread bough) and part unusual item that is not as often persevered as organically repulsive.
From looking at this I think I am going to explore ideas todo with removing and peeling skin off of the body and covering my shoulder and head in skin like materials.


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