Ernesto Neto

‘Neto’s installations are designed to be walked through, inhabited, felt, and even smelt, which enables the viewer to experience their own body, their senses, and their mind through the work of art.’

Ernesto’s work is exploring the body though large instillation made from materials and structures that you wouldn’t normally associate with the the human form.



‘The artist creates forms that resemble the human body or other living organisms. In The Falling Body [Le corps] female [from Leviathan Thot], the enormous white form suspended overhead almost seems to breathe. Its long, soft limbs hang heavily, reminding us of the force of gravity that anchors us to the earth. The sculpture is pliable, sensual, and transitory—like our own bodies.’


Looking at his work I am taking inspiration from the way he uses unbodily materials and shapes to represent the human form and how it theses materials and shapes, and the scale of the installations  can be used to create a awkward and consuming experience.


From this I am going to explore the different mediums and scales I can use and the different effects they can produce with audiences.



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