Lucy Glendinning


‘People shed their skins, and leave them crumpled and glossy on the wall.’


‘ “In my studio pieces, I am more personal and problematizing. The results therefore much more intimate and the thematic content heavier.” Indeed, her sculptures have a distinct introspective nature, with a beauty imbued with a disturbing atmosphere.’


What I really find interesting about Lucy Glendinning’s work is the fact that they are no longer in a form that we recognize as human but we still see it the be ‘human’ almost like it has left behind a identity and personality even after it has lost it original form. I wonder if this has anything to do with the color choice of her pieces as the flesh colored pieces have more of a humanistic feel then her original white ones that look more sculptural then the living organ that the flesh ones identify with.
I feel her work really relates to my ideas in the way that once the skin has been ‘shed’ it becomes awkward for the viewer and difficult to look at.
From looking at her work I have though more about what we can relate to as being ‘human’ and not in terms of how the color of the object identify something to us as skin rather then the shape and form of it.

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