Lisa Kellner

‘Using hand formed silk and thread, Kellner has created sculptures that maintain the shape of organ-like forms and cellular structures.’

Kellner’s work ‘The Seepage of Proserpine’ are site specific temporary installations that look at and represent cell structure and organic microorganisms. I feel the sense of other worldliness you get from her installations is as a result from the large scale and abstract nature of her pieces.

Kellner’s other instillation ‘Im  plant’ also looks at the idea of the similarity between organic cell matter and the physical world. ‘Reminiscent of jelly fish, blood platelets and breast implants, Im   plant uses hundreds of hand formed and painted shapes to consider the similarities of a natural organism to an object epitomizing a consumerist society.





From looking at Lisa Kellner’s I would like to develop the idea of large scale organic matter as a instillation that pushes the viewers comparability and reactions to what we consider to be natural.

I think I will start by looking at large scale sheets of skin


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